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Shaniah Bartlett reviewed Katelyn McGinn -Hair Stylist- —  

Katelyn is a hair goddess! We did a photoshoot, and she managed to make my very thin hair look good enough for a Victorian wedding. She has incredible talent. She made this amazing flower garland for my hair, and wove it in, like it belonged there. She uses great products, and with her patience and gentle touch, everyone is satisfied!

Chenoa Fox Farsaci reviewed Katelyn McGinn -Hair Stylist- — 

I absolutely loved my cut every time and recommended 3 of my friends. Since I moved (5 years ago!!!) I've been trying to find someone who could recreate my cut .

Kelly Gropp reviewed Katelyn McGinn -Hair Stylist- — 

Katelyn is an amazing stylist! She is one of the few who could work with my thin, fine hair and have me looking great. She listened, made suggestions, and worked magic. Katelyn is one of the best!

Hanna Zombek Fontana reviewed Katelyn McGinn -Hair Stylist- — 

Katelyn did my hair when she was in Raleigh, NC and I am still trying to find my new hairstylist 3 or 4 years later!!!!! Best cuts and colors of my lifetime! What is killing me is I will be in NYC in September and can't have her do my hair because I'm in a wedding the next weekend and the bride wants my hair my natural color :(
Seriously, let Katelyn know your inspiration and let her get to know you, and she will not disappoint you!

Blair Hogan Miller reviewed Katelyn McGinn -Hair Stylist- — 

Katelyn did my hair in Raleigh, NC for years. When she moved to NYC, I would wait for her to come back to visit Raleigh before getting my hair cut again, never fully admitting my favorite hair stylist was gone. She gave me the best cuts and color and sadly, I still haven't found my new hairstylist even though it's been 4 years or so since she left me.

Ilona A Shabovta reviewed Katelyn McGinn -Hair Stylist- — 

Katelyn is a fantastic hairstylist. She is very talented and knowledgeable in her craft. Before Katelyn did my hair I never had highlights because I was always afraid of getting a bad job done. She did a phenomenal job and it looked so natural. It was like I had come back from a sunny vacation and my hair got a nice glow. Also she never suggests something that will not compliment your face structure or style. She is very honest and that is a rare trait to find in the business. Highly recommend going to her!!

Sarah 'Roer' Bendheim reviewed Katelyn McGinn -Hair Stylist- —

Katelyn was not only a pleasure to work with but extraordinary talented. She was also able to work with wigs seamlessly and effortlessly which I think is an amazing accomplishment in its own!

Austyn Blake Jensen reviewed Katelyn McGinn -Hair Stylist- — 

Katelyn was my stylist in Raleigh, NC for a couple of years ago. She is by far the best hair stylist I've come across and no one has or will match her. I love her cuts so much I'm in the process of growing out my hair again to fly out to her to cut my hair again. No one compares to the best. She her cuts and color are flawless. She has new and amazing technique. I would recommend her to anyone.

Vanessa Ray reviewed Katelyn McGinn -Hair Stylist- — 

I met Katelyn years ago and immediately fell in love with the edgy styles she gave me. I would still go to her if she hadn't moved away!!!! If you want a rockstar hairstyle - definitely go visit her. She is amazing!

Katie Hart Walker reviewed Katelyn McGinn -Hair Stylist- — 

Katelyn was referred to me by a friend of mine. I am always skeptical, because I have curly hair that I prefer to wear straight. I had never really found a stylist who could cut and style my hair 'just right' until Katelyn. My friends and I used to book back to back appointments just so we could all have some girl time.She is amazingly talented and super friendly. Go see her, you will NOT be disappointed.

Maggee Moran reviewed Katelyn McGinn -Hair Stylist- —

Katelyn has created beautiful styles and colors in my hair for years! From short to long, my hair always looks amazing after a visit to Katelyn. She uses the best products for my hair and the color lasts for months! If you are not sure what the best style is for your hair and facial structure, Katelyn will offer wonderful suggestions to create the most flattering version of you! I highly recommend Katelyn as a hair artist!

Kate Rhoades reviewed Katelyn McGinn -Hair Stylist- —

I found her just before she left NC and was so bummed that she was leaving. I really trusted her with my hair. It's been so hard to find a stylist as good as Katelyn.

Tiffany Faris reviewed Katelyn McGinn -Hair Stylist- —

I was lucky enough to have Katelyn do my hair for a year in Raleigh NC. I have never been happier with it. I chose brown with chunky blonde highlights. After being basic blonde my entire life I was scared of change. Not only did my hair look phenomenal afterwards, but it felt so healthy.... For 4 years I have searched for someone who could compare to her work and have failed. Thank you again Katelyn for raising the bar for what I look for in a stylist. You are greatly missed by me and my (not so phenomenal anymore) hair! If anyone else gets the chance to have her as your stylist, hold on tight!!!

Brian Glass reviewed Katelyn McGinn -Hair Stylist- — 

My mother, wife and daughters all prefer Katelyn as their stylist. My pre-teen daughters are already insistent that they need Katelyn on prom day. Not many people have the talent to satisfy three generations of women but Katelyn does it flawlessly.

Diana Charney reviewed Katelyn McGinn -Hair Stylist- — 

Katelyn was my stylist in North Carolina and is the absolute best! I have very thick hair with numerous cowlicks. Katelyn not only suggested cuts that were complimenting but also taught me how to tame the cowlicks. I enjoy rather drastic changes with my hair and Katelyn was always willing to accommodate and gave wonderful suggestions. Again, Katelyn is the best! I wish she was closer to Michigan; I'd be in her chair in an instant!


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