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Lazy summer hair style ideas

So, it's hot and humid outside. Do you feel like blowdrying your hair? Probably not.

Take a look at some of my lazy summer hairstyle ideas to try on yourself. All you need is a few bobby pins, an elastic and a comb (fingers work too).

*For video tutorials of these looks and more like them, visit my instagram @KatelynMcGinn

So you wake up looking like this...

*Tip: if you sleep with your hair in 2 briads it can add some texture to work with the next day.

...And you have this..

*Tip: use a wide tooth comb to maintain a loose texture.

How can you have cute/stylish hair in only a few minutes?

Here are some easy hair ideas that don't require any heat:

1. The diagonal dutch Braid

*by tucking the end (part with the elastic) under the braid it creats a cool shape.

2. The topsy turvy on a topsy turvy times two

* This is a super easy look that can be worn out to a nice dinner. all you need is 2 elastics and 2 bobby pins!

3. Low bun with 3 plait braids

4. dutch braid into a braided top knot

5. Low twisted bun

* Secure your hair in a low pony, separate into two sections and twist.

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