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6 things to consider before picking out your perfect bridal hairstyle!

Getting married leaves you with hundreds of decisions to make, picking your hairstyle shouldn't be one of the tough ones. Take a look at these tips before picking your ideal look. Don't worry, I will be there to help you through this process!

1. Think about the texture of your hair.

For example if you have natually curly hair, then think about a style that will compliment not conflict with your curly tresses. Try enhancing your curl instead of going against it.

2. Consider the density and length of your locks.

This is something that can be fixed with extentions, just know going into a volumous style, when you have fine hair, may be necessary.

*extentions can also help hold curl in your hair.

3. How do you wear your hair everyday?

Do you wear your hair down everyday? Then you may be more comfertable with a style that most or all of your hair is down. Same goes if you always wear your hair up...having your hair down might annoy you throughout the day and night.

*You want to look like yourself, just a fancier version.

4. What is the style of your wedding?

Going for glam? Romantic? Modern? Vintage? Think about the overall feeling you want to have when you are all made up.

5. Are you wearing acessories in your hair?

Placement of acessories can change the look of your style. Have your hair peice with you for your hair trial.

6. The location of your venue

Are you in a humid climate? Inside or outside? A chic city wedding or a rustic mountain ceramony? These are all factors that can play into the final hair decision.

Photo Credit- Check out their instagrams!

Photo 1: Photographer @taylortupy // MUA @davidmaderich // Model @eeggaldin //Hair #katelynmcginn

Photo 2: from@creemmag on Photographer: @grantmillsphoto // MUA:@husseyface // Stylist: @loudand_earnest // Hair: #katelynmcginn // Model: @esleann

Photo 3: Photographer @taylortupy featuring model @onlyenly // Stylist@oheydarrenjay // MUA @lovelobeauty // Hair #katelynmcginn

Photo 4: Photographer @cmcdade // Photog Assist Lina Lopez and Luis Fuenmayor // Wardrobe Stylist @queenbreenofficial // MUA @christophermarcum // Hair#katelynmcginn // Models @vitasilkaitytewith @onemanagement and@harukaryuuku with @majormodelsny

Photo 5: for@myweddingdotcom featuring@jennabkelly // Photographer@kateignatowski // Creative direction and Styling @littlevintagerentals // wardrobe fitting @jennweishaar // Floral design@hellodarlington // Jewelry Olivia Ewing // MUA @xo_jha // Hair #katelynmcginn // Venue @greenbuildingnyc // Assistant Julia Sportelli

Photo 6: Photo by Rual Singson

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