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The Elopement Idea

My husband and I went back and fourth for months on whether or not to have a large wedding or elope. This decision was made more difficult by the fact that I am an only child and he is the baby of the family.

After weighing all the pro's and con's over and over again, we decided that eloping was best for us.

Telling our families was a bit more difficult, but like ripping off a band-aid it stung a bit at first then after awhile the idea was welcomed.

Here are a few pieces of my advice to any bride and groom who are thinking about eloping.

1. Stick to your guns

If you and your partner agree that eloping is what you want, then do it! Eventually your family will follow suit.

2. Find a great photographer to capture the beauty of the day

I am lucky that I work with some amazing photographers every week. I picked my friend and fantastic photographer to be there on our special day. (Raul Singson)-I will link his site at the end of the post.

*You can still have a lot of the fun moments of a wedding without the "wedding".

3. Have your hair and makeup done professionally

Having a professional do your hair and makeup makes the day even more special, it is nice to be pampered every once in awhile!

4. Pick a location that is meaningful to both of you

5. Save up for your honeymoon

Spend the money on your dream honeymoon.

6. Be creative, there are no rules

Wear what you want, and be yourself. Yes, I kept my hair purple for my is who I am.

7. Be in the moment

This goes for anyone getting married. Enjoy your day, this is one you will remeber for the rest of your life. Have fun!

Photographer: Raul Singson -

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