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Bobby pin tips and tricks!

So, if you are anything like me...then you have bobby pis strewn all throughout your house, I just can't help it. It drives my husband crazy, but I have to remind him that you knew this about me when you married me; it is just part of being with a hairstylist, or a women, or a man with long hair, and the list goes on.

With all of these pins laying around, do you know how to actual use them when it comes to placing them in your hair?

Bobby Pins

What side do you put them in?

Place the pin in way side down. This will help grip the hair better!

Do they pop out as soon as you place them into your hair?

Think about using a different size...they come in small medium and jumbo! Also, taking smaller sections of hair will help. The pins will pop out if there is too much hair in it.

Do they slip out of your fine hair?

Lay your pins out on a paper towel, and spray with a hairspray. This helps add extra grip to the pins.

Can you still see them once you place it into your hair?

Don't open the pin before placing it into your makes it easier to hide.

How do I help long hair stay up with pins?

Criss cross your pins into an X at the base of your style...then when you go to pin, you will have an anchor for the style to latch onto.

Hair Pins (French Pins)

These also come in Small, regular and large sizes.

When would you use one?

Hair pins are great for holding large amounts of hair in a bun and twist. I also love to use then for to help create a loose style. *Used alone they will not hold the hair well, I always use then in conjunction with bobby pins. *Bobby pins help secure the hair better.

How to secure a ponytail using bobby pins.

I love this trick. It is a great way to get a smooth ponytail with less pain! Take 2 bobby pins and an elastic. Secure both of the pins to the elastic. Gather your hair into the pony, place one of the pins attached to the elastic directly into the hair, wrap the elastic around until tight...then use the other pin to secure the other side.

How to help keep them off the floor:

The ever amazing....MAGNET!

Happy pinning! I hope you leaned a thing or two! Visit my instagram @KatelynMcGinn for more video tutorials!


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