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3 easy ways to wrap your ponytail

Make your ponytail more fashionable by wrapping hair around the elastic. Find out three easy ways to do so below!


Bobby Pin:

1. After securing your hair into a pony, take a long strand of hair from the section.

2. *Optional - Spray that section of hair with hairspray (good idea if you have layers or fine hair).

3. Wrap the section around the pony tail until you have about an inch or two left.

4. Take your bobby pin and secure it to the end, continue wrapping and place into the hair underneath the pony. *try to get the elastic into the bobby pin if you can...this will add extra grip.

5. Ta-da! Enjoy your new fancy ponytail.


Topsy Tail Tool:

Step 1: Same as above.

Step 2: Same as above.

Step 3: Place your tool through the elastic.

Step 4: Wrap the strand of hair around both the elastic and the tool.

Step 5: Pull the last inch to two inches of the strand through the tool.

Step 6: Pull the tool through your hair by tugging on the opposite end. (This is securing the section of hair into the elastic)


2nd Elastic

Step 1: Same as above.

Step 2: Same as above.

Step 3: Same as bobby pin style.

Step 4: After you wrap the strand, leave an inch to two inches out. Take another elastic and secure underneath the wrap around the whole pony.

Step 5: Pull the strand over the elastic.


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