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Thanksgiving hair ideas for your style!

Turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, wine, and pumpkin pie....these are probably some of the things that you think about when you picture Thanksgiving. Are you having a very traditional or a casual feast? This year my family is going for laid back and relaxed ; well, aside from our mashed potatoes contest....that I will win this year. ;)

Weather you are spending the day cooking, or chatting with with everyone over wine...check out these looks and see what best fits your Thanksgiving this year.

*I will be doing a tutorial on ONE of these looks before Thursday; make sure to reach out on Instagram and tell me what one you want to learn how to do. @KatelynMcGinn

Traditional and formal:

You can't go wrong with a great blow out or a chic bun.


"I'm cooking all day" Style:

You probably want your hair away from your face while you are cooking, but try a half-up style or a versatile look, like a braid that when you take it out you now have a cool wavy texture!



Pop some dry shampoo in your hair and add a bit of extra texture for that "lived in style". Add a braid for added volume and movement.


"I want to eat 4 servings" Style:

Don't let your hair get in the way of reaching those potatoes, try a pull through braid (works even with layers!). You can never go wrong with a top knot, try adding a braid or twists into it to give it a bit more texture.


Warmer climate style:

Try a pull through braid going along your nape, or twisting three sections of hair to create a long bun.


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