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14 hairstyles to match your perfect Valentines Day

It's that time of year ladies! Need to figure out what the best hairstyle will be for your Valentines Day; check out my tips for different looks that suit your ideal date. You'll find all different styles for whatever you may have planned. If you're like me, you're probably in it for the candy hearts; you know those chalky little candies with corny sayings on them (totally my favorite candy). My husband and I tend to go for the more laid back, home cooked meal, enjoying the night with our kittens and our favorite bottle (lets be honest, 2 bottles or more) of Cotes-du-Rhone. Some years, my hubby will surprise me with reservations at the newest place in town or an ole place that we both love. Whether you're staying in or heading out, I hope this gets you inspired to try something new.

Roses and Champagne

You are romantic and want to be swept off your feet. Or maybe you love champagne (who doesn't) and the smell of flowers. Regardless, I would go with a soft sexy style.

Brushed out waves with one side tucked back, this is a classic that you can't go wrong with.

Loosely pulled off to one side - make sure you leave wisps of hair out and flowing.

Candle lite picnic (indoor or outdoor)

If combining nature with romance is your thing, you'd want a practical style that leaves you looking and feeling effortless. *If you live in a cold climate, try having your picnic on the living room floor with pillows and blankets (get creative!).

Braids, braids, braids! They add that soft texture and volume while creating a nice hold for your style. If it is a windy day, its okay...your hair is prepared for that.

Soft ponytail with extra volume (and I don't mean using a bump-it)!

Home-made meal with a glass of red wine

Cooking together can be fun and sexy. If you're like me, I rarely take the time to prepare a full meal, so this is something I would find exciting. For your hair, think about a versatile style that you can easily take down when it's time to dine.

Soft half up style - twist it, braid it, knot it! (The photo above is a knotted style - how-to on instagram @katelynmcginn).

Low twisted bun, when you let your hair down you'll be left with soft waves.

Explore a new restaurant

Got reservations to the hot new place in town? Try playing with a new look that you normally would never wear out. Be bold and be seen!

Retro styles - that can be a 1940's wave, victory roll, and the list goes on and on.

Slick back with a deep side part. Look like you just walked off the runway and surprise your significant other with a look that pushes your comfort zone.

Neighborhood spot

If familiarity in your local hangout is what you want, keep that flow going with a simple hair style that relaxes you and gets you ready to enjoy a nice evening.

Straight and simple, sometimes a frizz free smooth style that you can run your hand through.

Get a blowout, I know this might be out of your norm...but break out a bit with a bouncy style.

Take out and a beer

Every night you cook, and just want a break from the stove and dishes. Order your favorite take out and crack open a cold one. Relax to the max with a casual look.

Topknot with a twist. Add a braid, a twist, a faux!

Beach wave - this can be casual to sexy depending on how you wear it.

I'm just not into it

It's just another don't care if you go out or stay in and hangout. Well, for the fun of it...this is a good time to experiment with a new style.

Hey, if you aren't going out anyway...might as well try!

For example: a faux bob...have you been toying with the idea of a new haircut? Try it out for a night.

Play with glitter, if you love it...then go out and show it off!

Feeling style challenged? Make an appointment with me at Soapbox Salon in downtown Raleigh.

ONLY $30 for a limited time only. February 10th-14th.

Schedule online: under "Valentine Style" with Katelyn

*All photos above are styled by me.

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