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French Twist

Step1: Rough dry your hair. If you want or need to use a brush feel free, I just like the texture a rough dry gives. 

Step 2: Part a triangular section starting 1 1/2 to 2 inches away from your hairline and ending at your crown. Then clip out of the way. 

Step 3: Take all of the hair from one side (If you have a fringe you can leave that out) and use your BOBBY pins in an X  up the center of your head until you reach your triangular section. 

Step4: Tease the remaining hair on the opposite side until right behind your ear. Smooth the outside of the section with a comb. 

Step 5: Use your hand to roll starting from the ends. 

Step 6: Secure with a bobby pin on the top and bottom of the roll...Feel free to add a few especially on the bottom. 

Step 7: Now its time to use your hair PIN! Using the end of the pin lightly drag along rolled side until you get to the edge and secure. I used several along the "seam" of the roll. You will notice the pins with interlock with the X row of bobby pins you placed in earlier. This will help hold your style.

Step 8: Release the triangle section and lightly back comb. Smooth the section on top and place ends into the opening of the roll on top. 

Step 9: This is how the top will look when you place the hair in. Secure with a bobby if need be. You can also take this section and extend your roll up higher as well...its up to you! 

Step 10: Take your 1 1/4 inch barrel and curl fringe away from face leaving ends a bit straighter. 

Finish: Use a finishing spray all over and use fingers to adjust shape and texture if needed. 

Twisted Bun

Twisted Bun video tutorial. 

*Tip: Use clips to hold hair in place while you are working on creating the shape. 

Textured Ponytail

Perfect Brunch Style, or casual day around town. 

*Tip: Use Dry shampoo to absorb excess oil and add grip to the hair. This is especially great on fine textures of hair!

Braided Bun

Braided bun. Day/night wedding. dress it up, dress it down. 

*tip: Briads and twists add volume and movement to the hair. mixing the two together offer a creative style. 

This is a fun style that can be worn for a fun brunch or a formal wedding. Braids help create texture and movement within a style. It is fun to play with the placement and size of them. 

*Tip: Prep the hair with a mousse or volumizing gel to help the style hold all day!

Surprise Braid

Flower Girl

Taking the word "flower Girl" to a literal level. 

I did 2 four strand braids each going in different directions, based on where you want the "floweR" to end up. 

The first one, I pulled apart both sides of the braid to creat more of a flat plait. 

The second one, I only pulled apart one side that will automatically start creating a circle. 

Wrap the second braid around itself and pin. 

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