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Is it time to change your hair?

Like most things, beauty is an ever changing world. Trends come flying in and seem to disappear just as fast.

Do you ever ask why you would want to change your hair style?

I have always been a huge advocate for change. Personally, I've had every color of the rainbow in my hair at one point or another. I've had my hair half way down my back, in a pixie and even shaved on one side. The good thing about hair is that it grows back - it's basically begging for you to mix it up a bit!

Now, just because I like change doesn't mean that you will walk out of the salon with a whole new look every time. It just means I am happy to give you suggestions - from adding a slight layer, soft color, or full makeover. you think you are ready for a modification? Ask yourself these questions to find out!

Look at a photo from 15 to 20 years you have the EXACT same haircut and color?

If so, then it's time for a change, no exceptions. :)

Are you bored?

I raise my hand on this one... I get bored with my hair and style all the time. There is nothing wrong with wanting to mix it up a bit. I've gone from bright funky hair to my natural shade and back and forth and back again.

Now, look at a photo from 5 years ago, do you have the same haircut and color?

Maybe it's time to re-access your style. Even small changes (like adding bangs or layers) can make a huge difference.

Have you had a dramatic weight change?

If so, think about a haircut that compliments your face shape. Haircuts and color can help accentuate your best features that you want to show off.

Have you been getting the same color placement since you can remember?

Color has changed so much, not only in the technology but also the techniques we use. There are so many ways to give you the look you want, but in a modern way.

Is your hair starting to loose melanin? (going grey)

Think about blending, covering, or accentuating your new "natural highlights"

Did you pick up a new hobby?

Maybe you started rock climbing and want a cute way to style your hair. Or swimming is your new passion....think about how the chlorine or salt water will affect your hair and what you need to do keep your hair healthy and happy.

Are you getting married or going to a special event?

When you are getting photos taken make sure your hair looking its best. *Tip: dimension helps bring out movement and texture...GREAT for up-styles.

Have you been growing your hair out for 20 years?

I often have long haired clients who have bearly trimmed their ends for as long as they can remember. Meaning, if the ends of your hair are more like strings, it's time for a change. Healthy hair is better then stringy hair!

Has the texture or density of your hair changed?

This is very common after/during pregnancy and basically anytime hormones are involved, etc... The haircut or color you used to love just might not work with your hair now. It is probably time to re-create a style that works even better!

Have you switched careers?

This is another common one. Many work place environments are becoming more liberal with their dress code, but some are not. If you have made a change to a job where you can have your hair however you want...then think about breaking out of the norm and trying something different. Same goes for transitioning into a conservative role...toning down your hair is also a positive change.

Feeling inspired? Come visit me at Envision Boutique Salon in the south end of Burlington and lets talk about finding the perfect color and haircut for you. Go to the "Schedule appt" tab above to make your appointment online or text/call me at 646.522.7328.


Look below for a few of my hair changes over the past 5 years. Looking back make me miss my "baby bangs" ... who knows, maybe that is my next change!

Happy Hair Days!

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